Patient Rights and Responsibilities

At MedCart, we care about your rights.  We also want you to understand the responsibilities that come with managing your health.  This information can help.


  1. Be treated with courtesy and respect, and receive appropriate care without discrimination in accordance with physician orders.
  2. Receive information about the scope of care/services that are provided by MedCart Specialty Pharmacy directly or through contractual arrangements, as well as any limitations to MedCart Specialty Pharmacy’s care/service capabilities.
  3. Obtain relevant, evidence-based, current and understandable information from your MedCart Pharmacist concerning your treatment and/or drug therapy, and the proper use and storage of prescribed medications.
  4. Discuss your specific drug therapy, the possible adverse side effects and drug interactions with other drugs, supplements or foods, and to receive effective counseling and education from your MedCart Pharmacist.
  5. Information on how to access support from consumer advocate groups.
  6. Be advised if a medication has been recalled at the consumer level and how to handle the recall.
  7. Receive instructions on how to safely dispose of drugs, based on state and federal laws and regulations.
  8. Information on drug substitution protocols.
  9. Expect that all prescribed medications you receive are safe, accurately dosed, effective and in useable condition.
  10. Receive information about the pharmacy patient management program, including: philosophy and characteristics; health information shared with the patient management program only in accordance with state and federal law; administration information regarding changes in or termination of the same; and decline participation, revoke consent, or disenroll at any point in time from services or treatment.
  11. Be able to identify MedCart Specialty Pharmacy representatives you’re working with through proper identification and, if requested, speak with their supervisor.
  12. Confidentiality and privacy of all your patient counseling information contained in your patient record and all your Protected Health Information, as described in MedCart’s Notice of Privacy Practices (NOPP) , which is consistent with state and federal law.
  13. Choose the pharmacist and pharmacy provider where your prescriptions are filled and not be pressured or coerced into transferring your prescriptions to another pharmacy or mail order service.
  14. Contact MedCart Specialty Pharmacy with any complaints and/or grievances about medication or privacy matters at (734) 762-6600 or toll free at 1-877-770-4633 and ask for the Pharmacy Manager or Compliance Officer, contact us through our website or contact us via email at
  15. Voice your grievances/complaints regarding treatment, care or lack of respect, or to recommend changes in policy, personnel or care/service without restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal, and have your grievances/complaints investigated.
  16. Choose a health care provider, including choosing an attending physician, if applicable.
  17. Receive in advance of care/services being provided complete oral and written explanations of charges for care, treatment, services and equipment, including the extent to which payment may be expected from Medicare, Medicaid or any other third-party payer, charges for which you may be responsible, and an explanation of all forms you are requested to sign.
  18. Be informed of any financial benefits that might accrue when you are referred to an organization.
  19. Be advised of any change in MedCart Specialty Pharmacy’s plan of service before the change is made.
  20. Offered assistance with any eligible internal programs that help with patient management services and manufacturer copay and patient assistance programs.
  21. Pharmacy health and safety information that includes patient’s rights and responsibilities.
  22. Be advised on MedCart’s policies and procedures regarding the disclosure of clinical records.
  23. Receive information in a manner, format and/or language that you understand.
  24. Have family members, as appropriate and as allowed by law, and with your authorization or the authorization of your personal representative, be involved in your care and treatment, and/or service decisions affecting you.
  25. Be fully informed of your responsibilities.
  26. Have family members, as appropriate and as allowed by law, and with your authorization or the authorization of your personal representative, be involved in your care and treatment, and/or service decisions affecting you.
  27. Be fully informed of your responsibilities.
  28. You have the right to know the appropriate state regulatory body’s hotline telephone number(s) to file a complaint/concern if you feel your concern has not been resolved by MedCart.
    • State of Michigan Consumer & Industry Services Bureau of Health Services:
      P.O. Box 30670, Lansing MI 48909-8170 or download a complaint form online:
    • Michigan Board of Pharmacy: Phone: 517-373-9196


  1. Adhere to the plan of treatment or service established by your physician or health care provider.
  2. Participate in the development of an effective plan of care/treatment/services.
  3. Provide, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete medical and personal information necessary to plan and provide care/services.
  4. Ask questions about your care, treatment and/or services, or to have clarified any instructions provided by MedCart Specialty Pharmacy representatives.
  5. Communicate any information, concerns and/or questions related to perceived risks in your services, and unexpected changes in your condition.
  6. Notify your doctor of your participation in our patient management program.
  7. Notify MedCart Specialty Pharmacy if you are going to be unavailable for scheduled delivery times.
  8. Treat MedCart Specialty Pharmacy personnel with respect and dignity without discrimination as to color, religion, sex, or national or ethnic origin.
  9. Care for and safely use medications, supplies and/or equipment, according to instructions provided, for the purpose they were prescribed and only for/on the individual for whom they were prescribed.
  10. MedCart should be notified of any changes in your physical condition, physician’s prescription or insurance coverage. Notify MedCart Specialty Pharmacy immediately of any address or telephone changes whether temporary or permanent.
  11. Pay all invoices upon receipt, and understand that unpaid accounts will be considered in default if not paid within sixty days, after which a default charge will be imposed at 1.5% per month on unpaid balances or the maximum legal interest rate, whichever is lower; and, if applicable, pay the default charge together with reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of collection.
  12. Understand that MedCart Specialty Pharmacy acts solely as an agent for you in filling for insurance or other benefits assigned to it; understand that MedCart Specialty Pharmacy assumes no responsibility for assuring that benefits so assigned will be paid; and understand that your account will only be credited when MedCart Specialty Pharmacy actually receives payment.