Get Smart: Research and Medical News

Because MedCart Specialty Pharmacy is dedicated to being among the best at what we do, we stay current with the latest news in research, medicine and the specialty pharmacy industry. Here are some articles of interest to everyone we serve — just part of our commitment to comprehensive service.

MedCart: Bigger And Better Than Ever

MedCart Specialty Pharmacy has opened a new headquarters and drug fulfillment pharmacy in Livonia, Mich. The 16,000-square-foot facility features a specialty pharmaceutical handling operation and nationwide call center, managed by a growing team of qualified professionals.

“Specialty medications help people with complex conditions lead better lives, but they’re expensive,” says Ed Saleh, co-founder and president of MedCart. “Our goal is to create a technologically advanced pharmacy with expert staff that can manage the quality and the cost of care for our customers.”

Michigan is on its way to becoming a leading center for the life sciences industry, adds Eddie Abueida, the company’s co-founder and CEO. “Our efforts to further develop this important sector of Michigan’s economy are working.”

MedCart Specialty Pharmacy’s business model promotes collaboration between physicians, pharmacists and patients to effectively manage a patient’s medication and condition. The 100s of medications handled by MedCart Specialty are typically used for treating chronic diseases.

Specialty Pharmacies Can Help Control Costs

The increasing costs of healthcare are no secret to anyone, from manufacturers to patients. Especially as major elements of health care reform (the Affordable Care Act, or ACA) take effect in 2014, specialty pharmacies are expected to play an increasingly important role in reducing costs while improving quality.

With the introduction of state-run health insurance exchanges in 2014, more health insurance plans will be available. Many will be similar to current offerings and will continue to require the expertise of specialty pharmacies. The ACA will also prompt the addition of new types of care delivery. Specialty pharmacies are already skilled at working with a wide range of care providers, so they are well-positioned to adapt with efficiency.

It’s also expected that specialty pharmacies will continue to fill a gap across payers through the cost-control and compliance offerings they already provide.

— Source: Specialty Pharmacy Times