Get To Know Us

MedCart Specialty Pharmacy is an industry-leading pharmaceutical and healthcare provider serving the unique needs of patients with complex diseases.

We offer complete solutions for patients and physicians. Our highly qualified team of pharmacists and support staff brings together expert clinical services and medication management, customized to the individual needs of each patient and physician.

Our services include the latest in medication packaging technology, designed to offer a high level of convenience, flexibility and accuracy in medication administration. Our MedPacs are the perfect solution for safety and compliance.

But that’s only the beginning of what we provide. We simplify the treatment process for patients and their physicians, with convenient ordering and coordination of paperwork and reporting to simplify administration for physicians. We also assign personal liaisons to each patient and physician, to ensure medication adherence and oversee management of the entire process.

Serving Michigan for more than five years, our innovative approach means we can offer the highest level of service and lowest prices to more than 10,000 patients and counting. But no matter how big we get, MedCart Specialty Pharmacy will always give patients and physicians the individual attention they deserve.